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Transformative Web App Development, Testing, and Maintenance Service in India

Coding is fun to us. Tech Wishes has been developing multiple apps, websites & products all across the world and across different domains.

Desktop/Mobile Application Development

We develop Web/Mobile/Desktop Apps of all kinds spanning across different domains and technologies.

Software Testing

Software testing is essential to ensure the quality of the software. We test the software assuring quality to the end users.

Technical Consultation

Stuck at technical jargons? Any other technical advice needed? We are here to help.

Software Maintenence

We help at the maintainence of new as well as existing software projects

Cloud Computing

Though Cloud Computing we help get your product on the cloud and decrease cost, increase security, increase flexibility, disaster recovery etc.

Web Designing

It encompasses several different aspects, including webpage layout, content production, and graphic design. We create new websites for your business, or redesign the old ones to look better.

What we do

Tech Wishes develops products in keeping with the latest standards. Some of the key areas we concentrate are :

  • Open Source Technologies - Tech Wishes builds applications from scratch using Open Source technologies with a lot of focus on giving a clean and well documented functional , error free piece of code . Client timelines are our priority and even if there is a possible chance of breach of timelines ,we ensure that it is communicated well before .

  • Cloud Deployment - Deploying your application using SAAS , PAAS etc in the cloud can help small businesses reach their potential easily
    • High Availability - Applications need to understand what their points of failures are how they can eliminate it . Small measures can help curb huge unforeeen losses .
    • Scalability - Scalability of the application or the architecture is essential to an apps growth potential . We believe in think global but act local when it comes to technologies
    • Infrastructure Setup and Monitoring - While there are so many things available as services on the cloud for storage , the choice of architecture, components and the nuances around them are very critical . Monitor the resources to understand what is great and what isnt . Ensuring that you build up architecture slowly and spend money on hosting or storage as and when your growth is very important . We help you reduce your cost by letting you choose whatever is relevant.
    • Tech Wishes has done numerous hosting on cloud platforms like AWS, Azure and Netmagic . Hence , it is fairly conversant with what businesses require

  • Backup - It is imperative that the data is automatically backed up into a different environment to prevent losses

  • Best Look and Feel - With the advent of newer front end technologies like Angular, Bootstrap , Material design the User Interface has been elevated to a completely new level. Tech Wishes also has its inhouse set of designers and videographers who can elevate content to a new level

  • Security - Applications however made are constantly being thwarted by different forms of attacks like Brute Force and DDoS attacks. We can help you prevent these .

  • Testing - Testing of applications happen both from the coders side ( Unit Testing) as well as Integration and User Acceptance testing .At all stages of testing , the client is abreast of all the changes that happen and is transparent about the progress

  • Intellectual Property Rights - Before beginning the project , we sign a formal agreement with the client . We ensure that the client′s ideas are kept confidential and the source code as well data and all the documents, concepts , proofs bear the clients credentials . Doing good work keeps us satiated

  • Application Maintenance - Projects that have signed up for an AMC with us see different levels of escaltion points defined .There have also been times when certain projects who have not signed an AMC with us but have suddenly stepped onto hot water , Tech Wishes has also leant help to them without charging

  • We are smart people trying to make a difference . Your business is important to us . We are available 24*7 to ensure your dreams turn to reality

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